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120 bills, 206 decisions, and 2 declarations passed since the beginning of term of the 44th National Assembly
Since the beginning of its term, the 44th National Assembly has adopted 120 bills, 206 decisions, and 2 declarations. This information has been provided by the parliamentary press office and Plenary Sittings, Parliamentary Control and Final Texts Directorate.
204 bills, 110 of which sponsored by MPs, were introduced to Parliament in the period 19th April 2017 – 4th April 2018. There were 205 draft decisions, 184 of which moved by MPs. 5 draft addresses and declarations were sponsored by MPs.
Since the beginning of its term, the 44th National Assembly has held 129 plenary sittings, four of which extraordinary.
Third session
In its third session, the 44th National Assembly passed 49 bills and 25 decisions. The Parliament held 37 regular and one extraordinary plenary sittings.
In the period 11th January – 4th April, 35 bills were introduced to Parliament, 19 of which sponsored by MPs. There were 34 draft decisions, 30 of which moved by MPs, and one draft declaration.
The National Assembly has passed bills on ratifying the Friendship, Neighbourliness and Cooperation Treaty between Bulgaria and Macedonia; anti-corruption and forfeiture of illegally acquired assets; markets and financial instruments; payment services and systems; measures against money laundering; electronic communications and physical infrastructure; etc.
The Parliament has passed amendments to the Labour Code, Social Assistance Act, Health Act, Investment Promotion Act, Labour Migration and Mobility Act, etc.
The time used for parliamentary control in the third session was 45 hours and 20 minutes, and allocated in 11 plenary sittings.
In the period 1st January – 4th April 2018, 543 questions and 25 interpellations were introduced to Parliament. There was one hearing, three debates on interpellations, and one non-confidence vote of the Council of Ministers.
There were debates on interpellations about: the policy on e-governance; the strategy for maintaining and developing municipal hospitals; the policy on nuclear energy. On the last day of the session, the 5th April 2018, there were debates on a fourth interpellation to Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova about the policy on heating supply.
In the period 1st January – 4 April 2018, members of the government answered 428 questions and 18 interpellations. The largest number of questions and interpellations were addressed to Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov – 104, followed by Minister of the Interior Valentin Radev – 61, Minister of Healthcare Kiril Ananiev – 56, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Rumen Porozhanov – 41, Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov – 34, Minister of Environment and Waters Neno Dimov – 24, Minister of Labour and Social Policy Biser Petkov – 21, Minster of Education and Science Krasimir Vulchev – 19, Deputy Prime Minister on Public Order and Security and Minister of Defence Krasimir Karakachanov – 13, Minister of Culture Boil Banov – 12, etc.
The largest number of questions and interpellations were moved by MPs Georgi Gyokov – 39, Georgi Stoilov – 38, Ivan Dimov Ivanov – 38, Ivan Valentinov Ivanov – 29, Lyubomir Bonev – 25, Nadya Klisurska-Zhekova – 21, Georgi Yordanov – 20, Svetla Buchvarova – 19, Manol Genov – 19, Kristina Sidorova – 16, Pencho Milkov – 16, Iliyan Timchev – 16, Lalo Kirilov – 14, Georgi Svilenski – 13, etc.
MPs from the BSP for Bulgaria parliamentary group introduced the largest number of questions and interpellations: 447 questions and 23 interpellations. 42 questions and 1 interpellation were moved by the United Patriots, 27 questions from the MRF, 23 questions and 1 interpellation by GERB, and 4 questions by VOLYA.
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