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Migration pressure, corruption and cyber security among the highlights in the updated strategy for national security, endorsed by Parliament
Migration pressure, corruption and cyber security are among the highlights in the updated strategy for national security, endorsed by the Parliament. The draft was supported by 118 votes to four, 35 abstained.
The document, sponsored by the Council of Ministers, covers a period until 2025. The security of citizens, public and economic aspects are also emphasised. New policies are included, such as transport security, crisis management, youth and sports, and protection of the national archives as part of the cultural and historical heritage.
The strategy envisages a gradual increase of the defence budget up to 2 per cent of the GDP of the country. The acquisition of new military equipment and an overall modernisation of the armed forces are also planned. An emphasis is laid on the significance of the creation of a system for a transparent and clear selection and career development of the military personnel and civilians as well as their motivation.
According to the updated strategy, migration has turned into a long-term deepening problem and if it is not managed, it is likely to become a strategic threat for the democratic societies and economies of the transit and receiving countries. It is taken into account that the situation in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa generates risks of increasing migration pressure, which negatively affects the security of European countries, including Bulgaria.
There is a focus on Bulgarian citizens, Bulgarian communities abroad and Bulgarian minorities in the countries where they are legally recognised and it is emphasised that Bulgaria needs to pay more attention to them that is adequate to the modern realities.
According to the text, corruption, and high-level corruption in particular, remains one of the main problems of the modern Bulgarian society. Its spread is a result of the non-transparent change of ownership, inadequate regulation of public and economic relations, and ineffective control and gaps in the administration of justice. One of the ways to counter this phenomenon, as laid down in the strategy, is the effective functioning of the single anti-corruption body.
According to the improved draft, the banking and financial supervision authorities will protect the interests of depositors, investors, insured and secured persons, and focus their efforts on maintaining the stability of the financial system and financial markets, and the trust in them.
A prerequisite for high quality social security is modernisation of primary, secondary and higher education through strict implementation of national standards in pre-school, school and higher education. An emphasis is laid on equal access to quality education, curbing illiteracy, and early drop-out prevention.
The national policy for crisis management is a responsibility of the Council of Ministers and based on ongoing monitoring of potential and developing crises.
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