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Candidates to head the new anti-corruption body present their conceptual plans in Parliament
The candidates to head the Anti-Corruption and Forfeiture of Illegally Acquired Assets Committee, Plamen Georgiev and Nikolay Nikolov, presented their plans at a hearing in the parliamentary Committee on Anti-Corruption, Conflict of Interests and Parliamentary Ethics. Plamen Georgiev has been nominated by GERB and the United Patriots, and Nikolay Nikolov was nominated by the BSP.
Plamen Georgiev has been chair of the Committee on Anti-Corruption and Forfeiture of Illegally Acquired Assets, which is the basis of the new anti-corruption body. I take the position of a chairperson as a cause, he said. According to him, it is very important that the committee upholds the principles of lawfulness, independence, integrity and transparency. Plamen Georgiev promised to draw up a corruption alarm form in order to facilitate the procedure for the citizens.
Nikolay Nikolov said that he was a consistent supporter of corruption prevention. Prevention includes e-tenders for public procurement, as well as software to check large-scale public procurement, he said. Nikolov expressed his determination to hold responsible under the law everyone who has broken the anti-corruption regime.
The new anti-corruption body will be elected by the National Assembly.
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