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Dimitar Glavchev, Speaker of the National Assembly, and Darko Bulatovic, Mayor of Nis, have discussed opportunities to deepen cross-border cooperation between Bulgaria and Serbia 29/10/2017
Opportunities for deepening cross-border cooperation between Bulgaria and Serbia have been discussed by Dimitar Glavchev, Speaker of the National Assembly, and Darko Bulatovic, Mayor of Nis. The Bulgarian delegation, led by the Speaker of Parliament, has met with the mayor of Nis, the regional governor, the chair of the municipal council and MPs from the constituency.
There has been a shared opinion that both countries should make the most of all instruments for the development of cross-border cooperation. It is very important to improve the infrastructure, which will support the economy and business contacts between the two countries. One of the priorities is to implement the project on Corridor 10 and the Sofia-Dimitrovgrad-Nis motorway, said Dimitar Glavchev. In his words, the forthcoming joint business forum in November will contribute to the business development between the two countries and bring about concrete results for the regions in Bulgaria and Serbia.
The Speaker of the National Assembly emphasised that the visit of the parliamentary delegation had started from Dimitrovgrad and Nis to learn how the Bulgarian minority lived in Serbia. We feel they are part of the Bulgarian nation, as all other Bulgarians around the world, he said. Dimitar Glavchev mentioned that on the government level the legislation had been enforced in such a way in order to respect the rights of the minorities in the country, while the problems were related to the willingness and ability of the National Council of the Bulgarian national minority in Serbia to implement them. A new leadership of the council will be elected and I hope that by the will of the Bulgarian national minority, these problems will be overcome, the Speaker of Parliament said. He expressed his hope that the printing of textbooks for the Bulgarian minority would be sped up.
Mayor of Nis Darko Bulatovic said that the local self-government, in line with the central government policy, did their best to make the Bulgarian national minority feel good and enable them to exert all their rights. Nis is a regional centre in the South-eastern part of the country, a natural crossroads, and now we are building all the necessary transport connections, he explained. Darko Bulatovic told the guests that four enterprises were being built and they would open 7,000 new jobs. He mentioned that the Bulgarian national minority had been working actively to protect their cultural and national rights.
Deputy Speaker of the Serbian Parliament Veroljub Arsic also mentioned the importance of the transport infrastructure for both nations, for better cooperation and understanding. We are for good neighbourly relations and Bulgaria is one of our most important partners, he said. 
Dimitar Glavchev, Speaker of the Parliament, and Darko Bulatovic, Mayor of Nis, made a statement before the local media.
Members of the parliamentary delegation are Pavel Shopov, Deputy Chair of the Bulgaria-Serbia Friendship Group, Konstantin Popov, Tasko Ermenkov and Velislava Krusteva, members of the Friendship Group, and Gergana Stefanova, Chair of the parliamentary group of VOLYA political party.
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