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National Assembly launches autumn session
The seventh session of the 43rd National Assembly has started. The President of Parliament wished the deputies an active season, free of political passions in order to produce quality legislative acts. 

Representatives of parliamentary groups made statements on their priorities in the autumn session of the National Assembly.

The Parliament adopted on first reading amendments to the Commerce Act  submitted by the Council of Ministers, aiming to limit the cases of abuse in filings, deletions and announcements in the commercial register. The motives of the depositor state that the amendments are proposed in connection with many alerts sent to the Ministry of Justice in respect of so-called thefts of companies.

Abuses are to be addressed by introducing two notary certifications, one of the signature and one of the content of the documents for transfer of an enterprise or company shares, the minutes of the general meetings, the decisions on acceptance and removal of partners, granting consent on transfer of a company share to a new member, election of a managing director, and documents certifying real estate disposals.
The proposed amendments are to be part of the new part five of the Commerce Act entitled “Proceedings for stabilisation of a merchant”, laying down in detail the grounds for opening the stabilisation proceedings, its  termination, revocation and appeal, the hypotheses in which the proceedings are inapplicable, and the rights and obligations of all the parties and players. Detailed are steps for preparation and approval of a stabilisation plan, its effect on the parties concerned, as well as the implications of the stabilisation proceedings on a potential court insolvency procedure.

In terms of insolvency proceedings the bill introduces the presumption of insolvency, aiming to facilitate proving of the state of insolvency and accelerate the proceedings.

Also, the deputies adopted on first reading amendments to the Military Police Act. They provide for additional functions of the military police units, including escorting, tracking and security of military means of transport of the relevant military units in order to ensure more comprehensive and timely execution of their functions. The proposed amendments aim to improve coordination and interaction between Military Police Service and military police units while setting out in detail their tasks.

The Parliament adopted on second reading amendments to the Classified Information Protection Act.

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