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During its sixth session the 43rd National Assembly adopted 44 laws and 70 resolutions, 41 hours and 10 minutes ministers answered deputies’ questions
During its sixth session the 43rd National Assembly adopted 44 laws and 70 resolutions, shows a report prepared by the parliamentary press centre and Legislative Activity Directorate of the National Assembly.  

During this session, the Parliament held 37 plenary sittings, including one extraordinary.
For the period from 9 May 2016 to 28 July 2016, 72 bills were submitted, including 37 by deputies. 64 draft resolutions were submitted, including 56 by deputies and seven drafts of addresses and declarations.
The parliamentary time used for exercise of the parliament’s control function is 41 hours and 10 minutes. 37 hours and 10 minutes were used for regular parliamentary control and 4 hours were used for blitz control.

Parliamentary control was conducted in 10 plenary sittings for the Friday и Parliamentary control and in 2 for blitz control.

From 9 May 2016 to 28 July 2016 555 questions and 34 enquiries were received at the National Assembly. The members of cabinet answered 407 questions and 16 enquiries. The Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov and the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Lilyana Pavlova provided the highest number of answers – 53 each. The Deputy Prime Minister for coordination of European Policies Coordination and Institutional Affairs and Minister of Education and Science Meglena Kuneva answered 48 questions and enquiries; the Deputy Prime Minister for Coalition Policy and Public Administration and Minister of Interior Rumiana Bachvarova answered 33 questions; the Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva responded to 24 questions; the Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova – 23; the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Ivaylo Moskovski – 23; the Minister of Culture  Vezhdi Rashidov – 23; the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Zornitsa Rusinova – 21; the Minister of Environment  and Water  Ivelina Vasileva – 16, etc.

The highest number of questions and enquiries was submitted by the following deputies: Petar Slavov – 81; Martin Dimitrov – 65; Vili Lilkov – 54; Metodi Andreev – 47; Nastimir Ananiev – 39; Svetoslav Belemezov – 36; Georgi Gyokov – 23; Dora Yankova – 18; Svetla Bachvarova – 17; Ivan Valentinov Ivanov – 16.

The highest number of questions and enquiries were raised by deputies from PG Reformist Bloc - 178 questions and 11 enquiries, and from PG BSP – Left Bulgaria - 174 questions and 11 enquiries. PG ABV provided 62 questions and 4 enquiries; PG of PP GERB – 63 questions, PG Movement for Rights and Freedoms – 32 questions and 2 enquiries; PG Patriotic Front – 21 questions and 5 enquiries; PG Bulgarian Democratic Centre – National Union – 26 questions and one enquiry; PG ATAKA Party – 18 questions. Deputies not affiliated with a parliamentary group submitted 14 questions.

During the blitz control, 24 questions in total were raised to the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his deputies. The deputies raised questions related to the measures for addressing the refugee problem; the security of our South border; the judicial reform; a meeting of the Security Council at the Council of Ministers regarding the Anti-Terrorism Act; a decision on Belene Nuclear Power Plant project; implications from UK’s Brexit on Bulgarian citizens and Bulgarian economy, etc.
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