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National Assembly Chairperson, Tsetska Tsacheva denounces the terrorist acts in Brussels as inadmissible violence against innocent citizens

The Chairperson of the National Assembly, Tsetska Tsacheva, has decisively rejected the terror attacks carried out in Brussels and said the latter were inadmissible violence against innocent people. “Such acts are not compatible with the values of contemporary Europe, of which the Belgian capital is symbol”, she stressed. Tsetska Tsacheva is in Brussels to take part in a meeting of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

“We all feel sad and today, more than ever, we must consent that there is no other alternative for Europe but our solidarity”, Tsetska Tsacheva stressed. According to her the European states should continue the efforts to protect their borders together. “We should be even more uncompromising to the present challenges,“ she added.

The Chair of Parliament expressed her sympathy and most sincere condolences towards the families and relatives of the victims and the injured of the attacks.

Bulgaria is creating special organization to assist Bulgarian citizens in Brussels sent on duty to return safely. Information on people who were supposed to fly to Bulgaria today or in the next several days is collected, Tsacheva confirmed. She said there is no information about Bulgarians being hurt in the attacks. The Chairperson of the National Assembly remains in  constant communication with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the EMPs from Bulgaria.

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