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Yolana Mungengova – adviser to EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom – presents at a parliamentary forum: “Benefits of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”

Yolana Mungengova – adviser in the political cabinet of EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmstrom has made a presentation on the “Benefits of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”on 25th September 2015, at a forum organized by the National Assembly’s committee on European Affairs and Oversight of European Funds.

Before the lawmakers, Mrs Mungenova, noted that all parliaments in Europe will be given access to the texts of the Agreement and will be kept informed on the negotiations. She has presented to the deputies the European approach to these negotiations and the possible controversial issues that need to be solved. She pointed out the EU is unanimous in the decision to sign the TTIP Agreement. Mrs Mungenova has added that the EU Parliament had also reached consent on the document but had asked for several preconditions to be met.

A part of the economic benefits the Agreement will not prevent the Member States and the EU to set up and impose their own regulations. She further said the office of the EU Commissioner for Trade has taken into account the recommendations of the EU Parliament and  hopes the civil society will also take part in the negotiations.

The Transatlantic Trade Agreement aims at providing access to markets and services between the EU and the USA. At the same time it will let European companies to participate in bids of public procurement in the USA and vice versa.

The draft document envisages cooperation in the regulatory process but not in all sectors. The cooperation is to take place in areas where the exchange of information and good practices will be of great benefit for the two sides, Mungenova underscored.

The chairman of the parliamentary European Affairs and Oversight of European Funds committee, Svetlin Tanchev, said he was expecting the Agreement to be signed and ratified by 2017. Bulgaria favors the constructive negotiations between the EU and USA and all efforts that will ensure the signing of a good Agreement, such that takes into account the European values and contributes to the wealth of all European citizens. The signing of the document will be preceded by a lot of work and lawmakers will have to listen to different opinions in order to take the right position, he concluded.

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