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Tsetska Tsacheva on occasion of 22nd September: Despite of all the dramatic moments in our history we had always succeeded in our goals when we had been united, when we had agreement and had been ready to take the responsibility for our lives in our hands

With the Act proclaiming our independence of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and the international recognition of the latter Bulgaria had reached its full state sovereignty – and had become “a state worth of being equal member to the family of civilized peoples” the National Assembly president Tsetska Tsacheva has stated during the festivities dedicated to the 107th anniversary of the formal declaration of Bulgaria’s independence, held in the town of Veliko Tarnovo. According to Tsetska Tsacheva the independence of Bulgaria was not an alternative to the alliances through which we had reached our national goals. Without the citizens’ will, embodied in the state institutions, we could not have become independent. 

She noted that independence in the contemporary, interconnected world means asserting our national interests in the process of reaching consensus within the alliances we are part of. In her words Bulgaria works for its independency and prosperity through its full and sovereign participation in the construction of contemporary United Europe. We become even more independent while taking more active and conscious part in this process. We bear our responsibility for the implementation of our sovereignty, as an expression of the citizens’ will.

In conclusion the head of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva noted that at present Bulgaria was a free, united and independent country. “We need political stability and wisdom in order to be able to assert our national interests in the frames of the common European goals. It is up to us to place Bulgaria where our forefathers wanted it to be. We bear the common responsibility as to how Europe and Bulgaria will look like in the years to come”.

Tsetska Tsacheva and members of the National Assembly took part in the celebration of the 107th anniversary of the formal declaration of independence. They attended the solemn roll call and tattoo held on “Tsar Assen I” Sq in Tarnovo. Following the tradition, the text of the Manifesto, by which Tsar Ferdinand I proclaimed the independence of Bulgaria, on 22 September 1908 was read. The president of the National Assembly has reviewed the honor units of the National Military University “Vassil Levski”.

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