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Procedure for appointment of National Health Insurance Fund Manager to include hearings of eligible candidates and open voting

The parliament is to elect the NHIF new manager through an open computer voting. This is a provision of the special rules of procedure adopted by the MPs for election of the NHIF head. The rules were passed by 125 votes in favor and 2 abstentions.

The proposed, by the parliamentary groups, candidates will appear first before the parliamentary healthcare committee. The candidates nominated by the committee will present their concepts in a hearing held before the National Assembly. Elected will be the candidate who had received more than 50% of the votes of the lawmakers present in the plenary hall. If there were more than one candidate, the vote will be carried out by alphabetical order of their forenames, except if the NA decided otherwise. If the number of votes received by two or more candidates is equal a second voting would be held. If none of them receives the required number of votes yet another voting will be held with the first two candidates who had received the highest number of votes.

The parliamentary groups’ proposals of candidates, together with their documents, should be submitted to the healthcare committee in a five days term after the rules take effect. The candidates should have a Master’s degree. The candidates’ documents will be duly checked.

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