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Mihail Mikov: People should feel the state’s presence in difficult situations

“The damages suffered from the flooding in the municipalities of Chuprene and Ruzhintsi are assessed in order to assist financially the almost 350 families which were affected. I think the civil servants in charge are conscious enough to work on Saturday and Sunday in order to make people aware of the state’ presence when they suffer hardships and difficult situations”. These are words of the chair of the National Assembly Mihail Mikov said to the journalists in the town of Vidin before meeting with the students and teachers of the local Foreign Languages High School.

Mihail Mikov has informed that this morning the stricken villages were visited by the deputy minister of Labor and Social Policy Rositsa Yankova, by the deputy executive director of the Social Assistance Agency Yanita Manolova and by the deputy executive director of the Employment Agency Nikolay Nikolov. The process of hiring people, using funds under the programs for temporary employment, to help removing the debris, cleaning the river beds and assisting people who suffered from the disaster, added the chair of parliament.

In the course of 3 days Mihail Mikov has visited the affected villages. On Thursday evening he has taken part in the meeting of the regional crisis response body of the town of Vidin in charge of protecting the population in situations   of disasters, accidents and catastrophes. He has urged all services in charge to get to the place of the flooding explaining that there are problems with flooded roads, with the supply of electricity and the water quality.

“This is a serious challenge for the state and we all must join in the relief efforts. The mayors are to accommodate the assisting staff and if needed the schedule of work should continue around the clock”, Mihail Mikov has stated at the meeting.  

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