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Parliament Speaker Mihail Mikov and Chinese Ambassador Wei Dzinhua open an exhibition dedicated to the 65th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and China through the lens of Xinhua
Over the recent years, the relations between Bulgaria and China have been following a consistently upward line of development and are marked by extremely beneficial talks at the highest level. This was stated by the National Assembly President Mihail Mikov at the opening of the exhibition "65 years Bulgarian-Chinese relations through the lens of Xinhua". The event was attended by the Chinese Ambassador Wei Dzinhua, MPs, the Bulgarian Xinhua team and the Deputy Director of Xinhua for Europe Wang Siaodzun, diplomats and guests.

In his address Mihail Mikov welcomed the opportunity for the National Assembly to host the exhibition. He went on to say jokingly that the National Assembly premises are indeed too small and modest, but even a much larger building would not have been enough to absorb the entire history of the Bulgarian-Chinese friendship during the past 65 years.

"These relations are based on mutual esteem and respect, but also on something much greater – the friendship between two people which are far from each other on the map, but are otherwise very close", said Mihail Mikov.

The Chinese Ambassador to Bulgaria Wei Dzinhua thanked Mihail Mikov for the hospitality and for the excellent organization of the exhibition.

"China is in Asia, whereas Bulgaria is in Europe, but despite the enormous distances the friendship between the two peoples has a long history transcending time and space. On 4 October 1949, the fourth day of the founding of New China, Bulgaria established diplomatic relations with us. The Chinese people will never forget this fact", recalled His Excellency the Ambassador. In his words, during these 65 years, regardless of the changes in the international arena, the relations between the two countries have continued to develop in a strong and stable manner, with particularly intense and active high-level visits over the past few months.

His Excellency Wei Dzinhua presented as a gift to Mihail Mikov a special jubilee album with photos of Xinhua correspondents. They trace the events in the process of development of the bilateral relations.

National Assembly President Mihail Mikov gave as a present to the Chinese Ambassador a stamp issued on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and China with an envelope and a special postmark. The exhibition will stay on at the National Assembly till the end of the week.
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