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"Lend a Hand to an Autistic Child" exhibition opened at the National Assembly
The exhibition "Lend a Hand to an Autistic Child" was opened at the National Assembly. The exhibition is held under the patronage of the Health Committee on the Bulgarian Parliament and is organized on the initiative of Patient organizations "Together with You", the Association for reproductive health, pregnancy and childcare "Smile" and Karin Dom - Centre for children with special needs, training and resource centre - Varna.

The Chairperson of the Health Committee in the National Assembly Nigyar Dzhafer noted that it was the exclusive privilege, albeit through their art, children with autism to be present in the National Assembly because they perceive the world differently and require a lot of love, trust and time. According to her, there is a need to make legislative changes from health, social and educational perspective. Children with autism can be masterful in the execution of complex tasks, but they do not have the ability to deal with simple things and we need to support them, said Nigyar Dzhafer.

The Chairperson of the Committee on Education and Science Vanya Dobreva added that the difficulties of autistic children should not be noted only on the World Day for information on the problems of autism. She assured the participants that the legislative body will work dedicatedly for the equality of children with special educational needs. These kids want to discover and give love that is in their hearts, Vanya Dobreva said.

A discussion meeting on "Institutions with responsibility for our children with autism" was held in connection with the initiative. The forum discussed current issues of early diagnostication, intervention, training of professionals working with autistic children and therapeutic methods. The aim of the organizers is to give greater publicity of early intervention as the best way to reduce risk factors and increase the compensatory abilities of children with autism. Special attention was paid to the need for tolerance and the difficulties faced by parents as well as the need for support to believe in the potential of such children.

The Chairman of the Committee on Health Nigyar Dzhafer emphasized that every year the number of autistic children increases. This is an interdisciplinary problem as autism is by far a diagnosis and needs no treatment in the traditional sense, but rather a special educational, social and psychological approach, she said. Nigyar Dzhafer went on to sat that children with autism see the world through different senses that make society more beautiful, more diverse and more real.

During the discussion, MP Kircho Atanasov said that autistic children have the potential to reach the top levels of education and science. He added that since August 2013 in place is a new type of combined form of education for children on the autism spectrum.

Psychologists from Karin Dom reported on the role of early intervention in the first sensitive periods of every child with autism. In this way, the risks will be reduced and the focus will be laid on compensatory options.
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