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Committee on Interaction with Civic Organizations and Movements approves Volunteers Bill

The bill was submitted by MP Ginche Karaminova and a group of lawmakers from the GERB Party parliamentary group.

While presenting the bill Ginche Karaminova explained that the bill comes as a result of European Council Decision to declare the year 2011 European Year of Volunteers. She said there are still issues concerning volunteer activities that need legislative intervention.

The aim of the bill is to regulate the activities of volunteers by enhancing the development of civic society and by encouraging social solidarity. It gives legal definition of “volunteer organization”, “volunteer activity”, “volunteer”. The bill sets up rules aimed at keeping the life and health of volunteers safe. Volunteers will be entitled to reimbursement of expenditures incurred while carrying out volunteer tasks.

The bill introduces 3 types of volunteer activities – short term, long term and corporate. Long term volunteers are to work on the base of written contracts. The bill regulates the mandatory standards for such contracts.

Volunteer organizations should have lists of the volunteers with whom they are working. Volunteers may have identity cards that they may use while on duty in this capacity.

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