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Partnership with Ukraine is of strategic importance for both the European Union and Bulgaria, stated Mihail Mikov at a round table dedicated to the Agreement for Association of Ukraine to the European Union

The partnership with Ukraine is of strategic importance for the European Union and for Bulgaria, which supports the choice of Ukraine to join the EU. These are words of the president of the National Assembly at the round table held under the title “Agreement for Association of Ukraine – the EU and its impact on the Bulgarian-Ukrainian relations “. The parliament has hosted on 14 November 2013 the event organized by the parliamentary friendship group Bulgaria-Ukraine, the Ukrainian Trade Chamber and the embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria.

Taking into account the important place held by Ukraine in the relations with the countries of the Eastern partnership (Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia. Moldova and Russia), its importance for the prosperity and stability in Europe, we think that its political association and economic integration with the European Union will create new broad prospects for further development and deepening of the cooperation between Bulgaria and Ukraine in all areas of the bilateral  relations, noticed Mihail Mikov. He underscored Ukraine is an important international partner and friend of Bulgaria, something rooted in the geographic, cultural, historic and religious closeness between the two people. A large Bulgarian community, the origins of which go back 200 years ago from the region called than Bessarabia lives in Ukraine and I am convinced they welcome the rapprochement between Ukraine and the European Union.

Mihail Mikov expressed the interest of Bulgaria in enhancing the trade-economic cooperation between the two countries, as well as the exchange in the field of tourism.

Bulgaria supports and is prepared for the signing of the Association Agreement of Ukraine at the summit in Vilnius, which is to be held at the end of November 2013, declared the chair of the National Assembly.

The round table was attended by members of the friendship group Bulgaria - Ukraine, the ambassador of Ukraine, Mikola Baltagi, ambassadors of the Eastern Partnership member countries, members of the parliament of Ukraine, representatives of state institutions and NGOs.

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