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Mihail Mikov meets Greece’s Minister of National Defense

The president of the National Assembly, Mihail Mikov, has met on 7 November 2013 the Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Greece, Mr. Dimitris Avramopulos, who is on official visit to Bulgaria. The Minister of Defense of the Republic of Bulgaria, Angel Naydenov, has taken part in the talks.

During the talks the two parties exchanged opinions and stances on the current social and political situation in Bulgaria and Greece and examined the bilateral military cooperation between the two neighboring countries. They shared the opinion that the partnership in this area has  good legal and contractual base, the practical application of which leads to concrete and pragmatic results.

The President of the National Assembly, Mihail Mikov, noted that Bulgaria and Greece face at the moment similar challenges and the politician’s mission currently is to offer their citizens a clear vision and responsible solutions. As members of the European Union and NATO the two countries bear the responsibility of preserving the stability and peace in the region, underscored the Speaker of the Parliament. He emphasized the active participation of our country in the Process for Cooperation in South East Europe (PCSEE) as well as in the debate about the new developments of this cooperation, focused on the idea to institutionalize the parliamentary dimension of PCSEE, as well as on the creation of Parliamentary Assembly of the countries members of PCSEE. The Greek Minister of Defense pointed to the key role of the parliamentary institutions in the present period when Europe is undergoing crisis and declared that the destiny of the future generations depends on the farseeing decisions taken by the politicians today.

The two parties covered also the existing in the moment problem with the wave of refugees. They shared the understanding that the lasting solution of the problem lays in the joint and coordinated efforts of the countries, affected by the problem, and the need to follow a common and long-term policy.

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