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During debates on the no-confidence vote in the government, Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski says no delay in any infrastructure project had taken place

No delay in any infrastructure project, even for a single day, had happened said PM Plamen Oresharski during the debates on the no confidence vote in his cabinet. The opposition has started the no confidence motion on the grounds of :“the government failed policies in the field of investment  planning”.

The prime minister noted he had acquainted himself with the written motives of the motion, adding they were based on untrue, incorrect and hypothetical assumptions. He explained that it is wrong to criticize a ministry that has just come into existence, adding the new ministry needs time to start working effectively.

He criticized the previous government of GERB for not investing in the development of the country’s geodesy and cadaster.

The Coalition for Bulgaria MP Emil Kostadinov commented that the events of the last days prove that GERB had backed down on the motives of the no-confidence motion providing at the same time grounds for discussion on the need of the new ministry.

Emil Kostadinov blamed the previous government for having stopped the reform in the National Cadaster, by not providing any financial means for its development. He noted currently only 18 % of the territory of Bulgaria is encompassed in the cadaster, barely 25 % of the country’s territory has development layouts and just 30 % of the real estate ownership is registered in the Cadaster.

The parliamentary group of the GERB political party has not taken part in the debates on the no confidence vote.

The no confidence vote will be carried out tomorrow, 27 September 2913 at 11.00 h.

The parliamentary group of the GERB political party had submitted a written request for the dismissal of Mihail Mikov as President of the 42 nd National Assembly.

The request will be considered and put to vote in accordance with the Rules of Organization and Procedure of the 42nd National Assembly.

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