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National Assembly President Mihail Mikov and other members of the parliament took part in the festivities held in Veliko Tarnovo on the 105th anniversary since the proclamation of Bulgaria’s Independence

The President of the National Assembly, Mihail Mikov, and other deputies have taken part on September 22nd, 2013 in the celebrations of the 105th anniversary since the declaration of the Independence of Bulgaria. The parliament’s chair has attended the solemn roll call ceremony and the fireworks held at the Tzar Assen I Square in front of the fortress of the old city Tzarevets.

The manifest by which Tzar Ferdinand had declared the independence of the Bulgarian state was read. The mayor of the ancient capital city of Bulgaria, Daniel Popov, welcomed all guests and citizens. The chair of the National Assembly reviewed the honor units of the city’s National Military University.

Mihail  Mikov has stated the Manifest represents the historical act by which, 105 years ago, the Treaty of Berlin had been severed and Bulgaria had proclaimed its Independence. “This act supported by the whole people was achieved by Bulgarian politicians. This manifest written under the intelligent plume of Malinov, Prime Minister at the time, represents an appeal towards the great powers, towards Europe, towards the liberator Russia, towards Turkey” – stated in his speech the chair of the National Assembly. He underscored that the act proclaiming the independence testifies that Bulgaria had a thousand year tradition, that the Bulgarian people wanted a free state.

Mihail Mikov noticed: “we, now free and independent, we have our role in Europe and here on the Balkans and we have to achieve the necessary political aims of the country”. According to the speaker of the parliament currently the interests of Bulgaria should be worked out in the spirit of this tradition. The commemorations dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the proclamation of Bulgaria’s independence culminated with a solemn tattoo and the audio visual performance titled: “Tzarevgrad – sound and light”.

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