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In Bulgarian history the event of Unification has more future than past, has stated the president of the National Assembly Mihail Mikov in his address on occasion of 6 September – the Unification Day

In the present difficult times we need differences that do not divide us but on the contrary reinforce our common creative will, has stated the president of the National Assembly, Mihail Mikov, in his address to the deputies on occasion of the Unification Day - September 6. That is what citizens expect from us and I believe every Member of Parliament is willing to respond to these expectations.

The Unification is one of the rare events in Bulgarian history that contains in itself more future than past, he said. He underscored the event of the unification will always inspire national optimism in every Bulgarian citizen for a dignified European future. One of the behests left by this enormous historic event stands today written on the building of the National Assembly: “Unity makes strength” – it is good for us politicians to carefully assess its meaning, said the parliament’s president.

In his address, Mihail Mikov, pointed out that irrespective of what we  say about this event it would always be insufficient. The unification according to him had collected in itself everything: the pride of the Bulgarian nation, the self-confidence of the Bulgarian people, the endured cause of the statehood and the triumph of justice, the unprecedented heroism and self- sacrifice, the power of the individual free will to determine the historic fate of your own fatherland.

The Unification bears in itself the political, diplomatic and military maturity which matched with realism and wisdom, had changed radically and forever the way Europe and the world would perceive Bulgaria, stated the chair of parliament. He recalled that in the remote 1885 our ancestors had accomplished a courageous stately political act without precedent in the history of the Balkans and Europe, for the first time without outside help and protection, accomplished proudly and defended by the whole Bulgarian people.

The National Assembly’s president stated that on September 6th we recall the high military spirit of our soldiers who fought for the unification and we recall about the immediate war afterwards between Serbia and Bulgaria, where in the battles at Slivnitsa, at Gurguliat, at the fortress of Vidin they had defended the new Bulgarian statehood. We recall as well the names of the remarkable persons who had contributed to this most important  event in the history of the then still young Bulgarian state – the names of Alexander Battenberg, Stefan Stambolov, Petko Karavelov, Zahariy Stoyanov – some of them in their capacity of statesmen, other as ordinary leaders of the  fighters in East Roumelia, added Mihail Mikov.

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Mihail Mikov has called from the parliamentary rostrum for everyone to celebrate the holiday with optimism for the future of Bulgaria.


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