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Economy and Energy Minister, Dragomir Stoynev, presents before the parliamentary energy committee report on the situation in the Energy Sector

Dragomir Stoynev has said that with a decision of the National Assembly from 29 March 2013 the construction of the NPP “Belene” had been stopped. He also noted despite the decision, the contract between the Bulgarian National Electric Company and its Russian counterpart had not been terminated and the expenditures incurred after the date of the decision amount to BGN 385 million. He said his task is to negotiate the termination of the contract with “Rosatom” and added those who made the state to pay additional money should bear the responsibility.

Dragomir Stoynev said also he was very worried about the state of affairs of “Bulgargaz”. The debts of the gas company amount to BGN 461 million, BGN 450 million of which receivable from the Sofia Central Heating Company.

The Minister of Economy and Energy informed the deputies of the parliamentary Energy Committee that the production of electricity had decreased by 12, 3 % in the first trimester of 2013 in comparison with the same period of 2012. The consumption of electricity in the country had decreased by 9, 6 % albeit the increased production of renewable energy sources.

According to the report the year to year coal production in the first trimester of 2013 had decreased by 30, 7 %. The reasons are due to the decreased export of electricity and consumption within the country. The smaller export revenues and the bad management have led to the gloomy financial situation of the energy companies, the energy minister has added. The debts of the National Electric Company/NEC/ currently amount to more than BGN 2 billion.

The output of natural gas in 2012 amounts to 350 million cubic meters or 12% less than in 2011. The volume of gas transited through Bulgaria in 2012 is 0, 4 % smaller than from the previous year. The gas repository, located in Chiren is empty and the state needs BGN 250 million to refill it and is looking for a bank willing to supply the financial resource, stated Dragomir Stoynev.

The energy minister has said that the first steps to stabilize the sector were taken by amending the Energy Act. It regulates a new way of calculating electricity prices and diminishes by 5% the prices for households, as well as for the business. The law amendments envisage elimination of the surcharges for green and brawn energy as well as the surcharges for losses, thus stimulating the export and bringing a fresh financial resource into the system, Dragomir Stoynev pointed out.


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