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Parliament deliberates on the 2013 Budget’s actualization

The Parliament has adopted at first reading amendments to the 2013 Budget Act of the Republic of Bulgaria. Prime Minister, Plamen Oresharski and members of the Government were present at the discussion. The update of the budget was voted with 115 “yes”, 88 “against” votes and 10 abstentions. The new budget allocates for payments to the business  BGN 160, 4 million. Additional money for social assistance to the most needy social groups amount to BGN 40 million.

The budget envisages BGN 85 million for electricity bills assistance to poor households due to the increase of electricity prices related to the development of renewable energy sources.  The money in the updated budget is to come from revenues of greenhouse gas emissions sales. The assistance is to be provided in close pursuance of the legislation regulating the provision of state assistance. The amended 2013 Budget includes another BGN 40 million for food stamps.

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