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Members of the 42 nd National Assembly sworn in office

The Members of the 42 nd National Assembly have taken solemnly the oath of office and pledged allegiance to the Republic of Bulgaria and to obey the laws of the country and to be led in all their actions by the interests of the people.

The first sitting of the 42nd National Assembly has been opened by the eldest Member of the Parliament – Prof. Stefan Danailov. He noted that he was honored and pleased to be able to address his colleagues at the eve of the Day of the Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Culture and Science.” I believe that the wisdom of our people will help us collect and unite our thoughts in the name of the renaissance of the self-confidence it merits”, said Stefan Danailov.

The history of every social renaissance had been painful. In his view the difficult birth of the present parliament proves that the society had neglected many of   the principles of democracy to which it had aspired and the required treatment could not be delayed anymore. We are obliged to look the truth in the eyes and to offer in an urgent manner the most important steps towards the national salvation, he added.

It is high time to unite our will and knowledge around the most urgent problems and to solve them ignoring our political controversy and personal intolerance, for the sake of a better future for Bulgaria. There is so much to be done, there is no time for procrastination and arguments, the mistakes have been made, their correction may not be postponed, stated the eldest member of the 42nd National Assembly.

After they were sworn in the people’s representatives signed their oath declarations. The anthems of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union were played.


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