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Mandate of the 41 st National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria has ended

The mandate of the 41st National Assembly is over. When one parliament becomes history, as previous ones have done before, it adds experience, force and strength to the democratic foundations, stated the chair of parliament, Tsetska Tsacheva, in its concluding statement at the end of the 41st National Assembly. Today the members of the parliament will leave, but parliament life will go on, she added.

Among the accents in the activity of the outgoing legislature, she emphasized the codification of the election system of the country; the introduction of transparent procedures for election of different state organs by the National Assembly, the adoption of legislation in the areas of public-private partnership and the public finances; the legislative measures undertaken to restrict the grey sector in the economy, the entirely new laws on the country’s  audit office, on the tourism, on the confiscation by the state of illegally acquired assets.

The Parliament’s President has noted that the 41st National Assembly had a serious contribution to the development of the parliament's democratic public process. She pointed as examples - the broadcast in real time of the parliament’s sittings and the broadening of the public access to information related to the legislative process.

The Chair of the Parliament rang one last time the parliamentary bell and declared the close dawn of the 41st National Assembly. Members of Parliament gathered for a farewell picture in front of the National Assembly’s building.

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