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41st National Assembly has passed 554 laws, 568 decisions and 12 addresses and declarations

Information on the legislative activity and parliamentary control of the 41st National Assembly

Legislative activity

According to the information prepared by the parliament’ s Press Center and Legal Affairs Directorate covering the period as of July 14th , 2009 to March 11th, 2013, in the time of its mandate the 41st National Assembly has passed 554 laws, 568 decisions and 12 addresses and declarations.

The parliament has held 487 plenary sittings including 35 extraordinary ones.

Moved to the 41st National Assembly was the total of 940 bills, 515 moved by the Council of Ministers. In the period  July 14th , 2009 to March 11th, 2013, submitted at the National Assembly were 678 draft resolutions, 589 tabled by members of the parliament. Some 35 draft addresses and declarations were submitted to the National Assembly.

Parliamentary control

During the 41st National Assembly 4020 questions and 685 interpellations were put forward. Parliamentary control was held in the course of 145 plenary sittings. Thus the oversight function of the National Assembly has been held for 494 hours and 40 minutes.
Five forms of parliamentary control have been used: questions, interpellations, debates on interpellations, motion of no confidence , vote of confidence and hearings.

In the above period were held 14 debates on interpellations, 4 no confidence motions were rejected, 1 motion of confidence was voted and held 8 hearings. 98 reports on hearings undertaken by the commissions were distributed to the members of the parliament.

1901 questions have received written answers, 2119 oral ones. As far as interpellations – 619 have received oral answers, 66 written. 3496 questions and 496 interpellations received answers. 148 questions and 26 interpellations have been withdrawn.

During 41st National Assembly’s mandate the parliamentary group of Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) Party has put forward 170 questions and 48 interpellations, the Coalition for Bulgaria parliamentary group 2216 questions and 422 interpellations, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) PG asked 150 questions and 30 interpellations. The Blue Coalition PG has forwarded 803 questions and 57 interpellations, the PG of ATAKA party 437 questions and 52 interpellations, the Order, Law and Justice Party PG – 22 questions and 5 interpellations, the independent members of parliament – 186 questions and 72 interpellations.

Cabinet members could be arranged in the following order per the number of questions and interpellations tackled: the Ministers of Regional Development and Public Works – Rosen Plevneliev and Lilyana Pavlova together – 517; the Minister of Agriculture and Foods, Miroslav Naydenov, 491; the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism, Traycho Traykov and Delyan Dobrev – 390; all consecutive Ministers of Health - Bogidar Nanev, Anna Maria – Borisova, Stefan Konstantinov and Desislava Atanasova – 389; the Deputy Prime and Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov – 379; the Deputy Prime and Interior Minister, Tsvetan Tsvetanov – 315; the Environment and Waters Minister, Nona Karadzhova – 239.

The first most active 13 deputies who asked the greatest number of questions and interpellations are as follows: Dimcho Mihalevski – 356; Ivan Nikolaev Ivanov – 314; Maya Manolova – 216; Korneliya Ninova – 216; Vanyo Sharkov – 190; Anton Kutev – 159; Mihail Mikov – 141; Penko Atanasov – 137; Latchezar Toshev -132; Yane Yanev – 130; Petar Kurumbashev – 125; Angel Naydenov – 110; Dimitar Gorov – 103.

During the mandate of the 41st National Assembly 4 motions of no confidence were rejected and 1 motion of confidence was passed.


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