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Parliament passes at first reading bill on the State Intelligence Agency
The Parliament has adopted at first reading the bill named "State Intelligence Agency". It regulates the intelligence activities of Bulgaria with the exception of the military intelligence. The proposal is that military intelligence should be  regulated with a separate bill. The bill on the State Intelligence Agency was supported by 83 deputies, while 22 abstained.

The bill outlines the place of the State Intelligence Agency within the executive branch of power, under the direct subordination of the Council of Ministers. The bill defines what is considered “intelligence information”, enumerates the areas in which such information is collected and intelligence operations carried out. The work conducted by the State Intelligence Agency excludes explicitly tasks that might have internal political aspect.

The act envisages the Council of Ministers to propose to the President of Bulgaria the General Director of the institution and his deputies, as well as regulates its relationship with intelligence services of other countries and structures within NATO and the European Union. The bill suggests the introduction of a new figure in the intelligence community called “inspector”. The draft bill defines completely the status of the agency’s employees. It outlines the limits of the information that could be provided for parliamentary control. This information may not contain data related to the organization, to the ways and means of conducting special tasks through intelligence activities, neither information containing data about employees or persons working for the agency.  
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