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National Parliaments should not come up with the global ecological problems but set up the debate with respect to them, Tsetska Tsacheva stated at the World Summit of Legislators

The World Summit of Legislators is a forum taking place before the UN Rio + 20 International Conference on Sustainable Development. In the event take part parliamentary heads and representatives from 85 countries.

“We need an institutional and political response without delay, we have to show political will and decisiveness in the defense of the environment and the rights of the future generations”, Tsetska Tsacheva emphasized. In her view the global problems of the environment should be solved on time and an important factor could be the strengthened role of the national parliaments in the dialogue with national governments in the legislative process, the budget making and the parliamentary control.

According to her in the today’s global world, ecological problems are national problems. They need coordination at different levels in order to be solved. However the right solutions could hardly be found within the world organizations only. Therefore, she added, we need a systematic coordination of the national policies in the ecology field and their implementation discussed at high level forums as this particular one.

She continued saying the rights of future generations should be a priority when political and macroeconomic decisions are made.
Before the participants Tsetska Tsacheva stated that Bulgaria is ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century in the field of ecology. She explained that the Green economy in Bulgaria has its constitutional dimension. The environment protection has been given a priority in the 1991 Constitution of the country. The protection, reproduction and sensible use of the country’s natural resources are stipulated in art. 15 of the Bulgarian constitution. The issues discussed at the forum, said the chair of parliament, are also part of the agenda of the Bulgarian National Assembly and therefore the Final Protocol of the Rio summit will reflect in the future legislation of the country in the area of the environment.
The position of Bulgaria’s chair of parliament was presented in the frames of the First panel of the World Summit of Legislators themed: “The need of a specialized legislative process”

The World Summit of Legislators is held right before the Rio+20 International Conference on Sustainable Development of the United Nations Organization, which is to take place on 20-22 June 2012 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

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