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National Assembly President Tsetska Tsacheva congratulates new Head of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The chair of the National Assembly Tsetska Tsacheva has sent a congratulatory address to the new president of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, academician Stefan Dodunekov.

“There is no doubt the choice made by the BAS General Assembly expresses the well-deserved recognition of your long scientific and research career, of your established merits as renowned Bulgarian scientist and noteworthy person” reads the address.

“Behind your nomination stand expectations for reestablishment of the BAS previous prestige”, the chair of parliament notices. You are taking over this position in challenging times for Europe, when the latter could and should mobilize new intellectual and creative energy”, adds Tsetska Tsacheva. In her address Mrs. Tsetska Tsacheva voices her confidence that the high professionalism, intellect and experience of acad. Stefan Dodunekov will serve as source of inspiration for the young generation of Bulgarian scientists.   

“I believe, under your leadership the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences will continue to gain recognition as a most up to date and respected scientific and research centre. I am convinced that you will contribute all your experience and enthusiasm to the accomplishment of this noble cause”, writes further Tsetska Tsacheva. 

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