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Parliament adopts on first reading Waste Management Bill, submitted by the Council of Ministers

The bill requires mayors of municipalities with a population of more than 10 000 to organize sites, located within its territory, for free of charge delivery of household waste. The different types of waste have to be delivered separately and include such with big dimensions, waste from dangerous materials, from construction work, black and color metals. The system for collecting household waste should service also localities with a population of more than 5 000 persons and resorts. The separation of waste materials becomes mandatory for all commercial, administrative and production entities. The waste with organic origin from gardens and parks must be delivered for composting. The draft bill abolishes the licensing of trade with waste materials and introduces only permits to handle waste. It introduces the requirement valid for every site which handles black and color metal materials to have a bank guarantee. The other draft bill for waste management, submitted by Petar Korumbashev and a group of MPs was rejected. The bill’s proposal was to keep the licensing for commercial handling of waste materials, but to introduce a more serious control of the transactions.  

The parliament passed The Bulgarian Telegraph Agency Act. The law defines the agency as a national and independent institution for information. It is a legal person financed from the state budget - first line budget spender, headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. The leading principles of the Bulgarian News Agency’s operations are based on independence, objectivity, good faith, search of free sources and quick distribution of full, precise, trustworthy and timely information. The Bulgarian News Agency is not allowed to use information products, which propagate or praise war, violence, cruelty as well as ethnic or religious intolerance. The act introduces a 5 year mandate for the General Director of the Agency, who is elected by the parliament and terminated two months before the expiry of his term. He is to take oath of office after being elected by the parliament. The Director General is obliged to present to the parliament reports on his activities, including financial accounts not later than October 31st for the first half of the current year and not later than April 30th for the previous one.

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