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Sittings of the National Assembly watched live via the parliament’s internet site reach 200 000

The broadcastings through the parliament’s website of the open sittings were introduced for the first time with the Rules of Organization and Procedures of the 41st National Assembly, at the initiative of its president Tsetska Tsacheva. Thus the Bulgarian citizens living in the country and abroad were given the opportunity to follow the work of their national representatives at first hand, making the legislative process more open and transparent. The project was accomplished with the assistance of the Bulgarian National Television.

The data shows that in average 11 000 consumers monthly watch the sittings directly from the website of the parliament. Around 20 percent regularly watch the video recordings. Ат some peak instances, when the assembly is discussing important issues, the number of onlookers reaches one thousand inside the country and 500 abroad. The audiences are most interested in debates concerning non confidence votes and parliamentary control.

The ratio of the internet viewers watching the plenary work inside Bulgaria and those abroad is 2 to 1.
The website of the National Assembly stores also a video- archive of around 1000 hours recorded plenary sittings, accessible from all over the world. Since December 2010, when the archive was put on the parliament’s website, there were 55 000 viewings of past sittings. In average the video archive on the parliament’s site is visited 6000 times monthly. The video archive materials are regularly used by information and news agencies. Again the ratio of the agencies within the country and the outside ones is 2 to 1.

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