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Fines of BGN 500 to BGN 1000 to be imposed for experimentation with unauthorized plant protection
The fine will be imposed on individuals experimenting for research or scientific purposes with unauthorized products for plant protection. That was decided with amendments passed at second reading to the Plant Protection Act. Fines for sole traders or legal entities will be even higher - between BGN 1000 to BGN 2000. The permit to carry experimental and scientific work with such products will be granted by the Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety for a term limited to one year. The amendments to the law envisage higher fines for all who import, stock or transport harmful products without the necessary permit, who export plants or plant products without certificates or produce and import for commercial purposes  such products and plants without registration. The current law envisions fines for natural persons from BGN 600 to BGN 900 if the offence does not represent a crime (punishable under the criminal code). The amendments fix the amount from BGN 1800 to BGN 3600. The same fine is to be imposed on natural persons who sell on the market or use not registered, unfit for use, or different from the one described in the accompanying documentation or product label fertilizers, soil enriching products, biologically active substances and alimentary substrates. For sole traders and legal persons the fine becomes BGN 2700 to BGN 4800 instead of the present BGN 900 to 1200. Whenever the control authorities of the BAFS discover a batch of fertilizers, soil enriching products, biologically active substances and soil alimentary substrates, which are unregistered, unfit for use, or do not correspond to the ones described in the documents they will stop their distribution and marketing and will enforce at the owner’s expense their export from the country or their destruction.
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