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National Assembly votes confidence in the overall policy of the Council of Minister, headed by Prime Minister Boyko Borisov

The National Assembly has held, January 20th, a vote of confidence in the overall policy of the Council of Ministers with Boyko Borisov as Prime Minister. 140 MPs supported the cabinet, 60 were against and 14 abstained.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov took the floor to present the reasons for his request for a parliamentary vote of confidence. He explained that the government needs the support of the National Assembly in order to continue the implementation of the policies, for which the Bulgarian voters have elected them a year and a half ago. 

The Prime Minister added that the measures taken to overthrow the circles, which have drained for years the country’s resources, generate resistance and backlash against the government and the prime minister. “These circles have created  a situation in which vague political entities, using anonymous sources and media with unknown owners, distribute unlawful materials, transcripts and recordings of conversations with the aim to discredit the government's efforts and policies and to accumulate tension in the society”, he noted. “The main objective of the recent weeks attack is to demean the policies of the GERB Government and Parliamentary Group and to present it as identical with the ones of previous governments, as well as to destroy the trust in the prime minister", says the latter in his motives asking for the vote.  

The vote of confidence was formulated as aimed at confirming the support “for the overall policy of the government towards fighting corruption and crime, for the modernization of the Bulgarian economy and finances, for the carrying out of reforms in the areas of foreign policy, defense, security, healthcare, education, social policy, justice, transport, agriculture, environment, culture,sport and the absorption of EU funds”.


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