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President Tsetska Tsacheva meets with Irina Bokova, the Director General of UNESCO and opens an exhibition at the National Assembly, dedicated to the Day of Enlighteners
October 28, 2010

President Tsetska Tsacheva met on October 28, 2010 the Director General of UNESCO Irina Bokova. During the talks they discussed the cooperation between Bulgaria and the United Nations’ Organization for Education, Science and Culture emphasizing on the forms of partnership between the Bulgarian National Assembly and the organization.

Later they opened at the National Assembly the exhibition titled: "Hristo G. Danov – a publisher, named by his contemporaries “minister””. The exhibition is dedicated to the great Bulgarian teacher and scholar from the Bulgarian Revival. The event is held on the eve of the National Enlighteners Day – November 1.

“Hristo Danov was a gifted scholar, author of textbooks, translator, editor and a renowned publicist”, the chair of the National Assembly said. “Active participant in the public and political life after the Liberation, Hristo Danov received the wide recognition of his countrymen while still living. His name and work as publisher have become a symbol of the best national traditions”, noted Tsetska Tsacheva.

The Speaker of Parliament added that besides being scholar and educator, Hristo Danov had also been a member of the District Assembly of Eastern Rumelia and has played a significant role in the political life and civil society of Bulgaria. Tsetska Tsacheva added that parliament was the right place to recall this historic person. In her opening speech Tsetska Tsacheva noted that UNESCO and Bulgaria share the same goals - to promote the achievements of the European and world values.

The Director General of UNESCO Irina Bokova said she came to express her respect towards the Bulgarian National Assembly, which she compared to a “temple” of Bulgarian parliamentary life. “I think there are a few words in Bulgarian, which are difficult to translate into other languages, the word “chitalishte” (community library) and ‘knijar” or bookseller”, Bokova said. “Knijar”means not only a bookseller but also a librarian and a man deeply involved with knowledge and in need to transmit this knowledge to others”, she added. According to Bokova the National Enlighteners Day is one of the best and brightest days celebrated in Bulgaria.

“The Day of the National Enlighteners is an occasion for us to remember those worthy Bulgarians who, in the absence of a state, managed to launch the Bulgarian Revival”, said Stefan Shivachev, the Regional History Museum of Plovdiv Director.
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