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National Assembly passes amendments of the Administration Act, which defines the oversight activities and functions of the Inspectorates within Ministries and Government Agencies
February 3, 2010

The National Assembly adopted at the sitting on February 3, 2010, on first reading, amendments to the Administration Act, which define precisely the duties on control and the activities undertaken by the internal Inspectorates in the ministries and government bodies. The bill introduces the concept of administrative efficiency and uniform criteria for evaluation and methodology for analyzing the effectiveness of administrative procedures and for corruption risk assessment.

The draft determines the principles governing the Inspectorate’s staff in carrying out their activities: law abiding, loyalty, responsibility, independence, objectivity and political neutrality. The inspectorate’s functions are related to the exercise of control over the structure (organization) in question and its compliance with the functions and tasks it is entrusted with from the point of view of the sectoral policies and within the powers given to it by law. The Inspectorate may propose a change in the structure of the administration in order to optimize it and to propose measures to eliminate the causes for corruption in its practice when violations are found.
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