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Parliament passes the State Budget Act for 2010 after almost 17 hours of deliberations
December 3, 2009

The National Assembly adopted at second reading the State Budget Act for 2010, after nearly 17 hours discussion. One of the basic changes introduced in the preliminary draft was to raise by BGN 70 million the revenues by increasing the tax on gambling. It has been voted that the additional revenues will go to the health care sector - for the treatment of cancer patients and dialysis equipment.

In this way both the revenue and expenditure part of the budget shifted to become BGN 17 142 083 400 B for the expected revenues, and BGN 8 065 973 900 B for expenditures.

MPs voted EURO 779 670 400 M contribution to the general budget of the European Union.

The single financial aid provided by the state to mothers giving birth to twins remains unchanged – BGN 1200, as well as the grant for childbirth. The members of parliament decided to keep the incentives given to young families with mortgages.

The parliament voted to transfer BGN 14 600 000 M to municipalities for the winter maintenance of municipal roads. The subsidy given from the State Budget to the municipalities will amount at BGN 242 617 000 M, while the subsidy for the activities commissioned by the latter – BGN 1 876 907 600 B.
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