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Members of Parliament stand in silence in memory of the killed in a tragic accident near Yambol, express immersiveness with their families
The National Assembly held a minute of silence in memory of the people killed in a heavy traffic accident near the town of Yambol. From the parliamentary floor Speaker of Parliament Georgi Pirinski informed the deputies about the tragic accident and the rescue actions taken by the institutions and specialized authorities.

On behalf of all members of parliament the Speaker expressed deep inclusiveness with the sorrow of the victims’ relatives and friends. He called on the M.P.s from Yambol Region and from the specialized standing committees to get familiarized with the course of rescue operations and propose measures and support on behalf of the National Assembly, if needed.

The Chairman of the Policy on Natural Disasters and Accidents Committee Venelin Uzunov immediately departed for the place of accident. From the very onset of the tragedy all M.P.s from Yambol Region have been monitoring the development of rescue operations, staying in constant contact with the institutions, specialized bodies and local authorities.
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