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Georgi Pirinski Meets with President of Estonia’s Parliament Ene Ergma
19 March 2009

The President of Estonia’s Parliament is paying a two-day visit to Bulgaria at the invitation of National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski. They met on 19 March 2009.

Borislav Vladimirov, chairman of the parliamentary friendship group Bulgaria-Estonia, and MPs Nadya Antonova, Yanko Yankov and Eleonora Nikolova took part in the meeting.

During the talks the chairman of the National Assembly expressed confidence that the co-operation between the parliaments of Bulgaria and Estonia would further contribute to the relations between the two countries. He noted that the two countries could exchange expertise and information on a broad range of topics such as nuclear energy and control of public finances.

Georgi Pirinski pointed out that the global economic crisis required both societies to look for new solutions in order to tackle the serious challenges at home connected to the functioning of the institutions, the preservation of the democratic order and the fight against corruption and organized crime, and the control of European funds appropriation. He also said that further strengthening of the European Union was of vital importance.

The Estonian Speaker of Parliament expressed her gratitude for the invitation to visit Bulgaria at the head of a delegation and voiced her confidence that the visit will give new impetus to the development of the bilateral relations. She addressed the National Assembly in the plenary hall. In her speech she said that in a world torn by numerous conflicts and economic crises a strong and united Europe could be a balancing force and regardless of how big or small European states were they should demonstrate solidarity and mutual care for each other. In her words the European Union has an interest to adopt common energy policies and improve its energy supply security.

Estonian MPs conferred also with members of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Mrs. Ene Ergma and the Estonian delegation are scheduled to have an audience with Bulgaria’s President Georgi Purvanov, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Chair, Acad. Nikola Sabotinov and scientists from the Institute of Astronomy.

The delegation is to visit the cities and mayors of Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo.
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