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National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski Meets Izraeli Politician, Historian and Publicist Prof. Michael Bar - Zohar
March 11, 2009

National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski received on March 12, 2009 the Israeli politician, historian and publicist Prof. Michael Bar-Zoar. He is the author of a book titled “Beyond Hitler’s grasp” and was official guest to the National Assembly in connection with the marking of the 66th anniversary since the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews from the Nazi regime.

The key issue discussed at the meeting was the events that led to the rescuing of Bulgarian Jews in 1943, thanks in part to the decisive efforts of the Bulgarian parliament. The sides agreed that the memory of this great achievement of the Bulgarian people should be preserved and transferred to the next generations. Chairman Pirinski and the Israeli novelist welcomed the idea winners of the essays competition, dedicated to the Holocaust remembrance from Veliko Tarnovo University to pay a visit to the National Assembly.

After the audience, Prof. Bar-Zoar conferred with other members of the Bulgarian parliament. Attending also were public figures, the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria, intellectuals and representatives from civil organizations. The prominent historian shared that whenever he visits the building of the Bulgarian National Assembly, he is captured by emotions, because in his view this is where the efforts to spare Bulgarian Jews had started and because this is a unique historic event, deserving to be remembered particularly by the younger generations.
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