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If we want to prevail on corruption we need to invest in all branches of power, not to attack and destroy them, stated the National Assembly Chairman Georgi Pirinski
January 28, 2009

Before the participants at the Tenth Social Political Forum dedicated to the fight against corruption, Mr. Pirinski stressed that in order to win over “corruption”, the society should invest in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government and should stop the ongoing attacks and destruction. At the event, the Bulgarian Center for the Study of Democracy presented its annual report named “Crime without punishment”.
The speaker of parliament noticed that according to the report , two thirds of Bulgarians today take the stand that corruption is by far the utmost problem faced by society, which needs to be addressed in all its aspects and dimensions.

One way of presenting the reality when attacks are hold, is that the institutions and the greatest part of their employees are not responsible enough and have not merits and that what should be done is simply “to wipe” them all and to free the way for new forces in the society, which will bring a new start in social life. This approach, in his view, is not substantiated and serious enough and in a certain way serves as defense for those who do not notice the real and objective measures taken by the institutions to overcome the corruption. He also said that he was aware of unscrupulous lobbying activities going on in parliament, of wicked practices in the executive and the judiciary but in his words society should invest and improve the branches of government not attack and destroy them.

The forum was attended by MPs, ministers, magistrates, diplomatic officials, Sofia mayor and NGO representatives.
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