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Deputies, Mothers, Representatives of State Institutions and the Economic and Social Council Discuss Family and Children’s Issues
January 27, 2009

On the meeting, which took place in the parliament on 27 January 2009, the parties involved reached the agreement that the organizations of mothers will prepare and present to the National Assembly the final version of their demands, addressed to the state institutions competent in family and children’s issues.
It was also agreed that the different mothers’ organizations will elect some of their members to represent them in their future relations and dialogue with the relevant institutions. MPs also promised to back financially some of the demands through the budget for 2009, for others to secure funding in the next year’s budget.
The chair of the parliamentary Committee on Labor and Social Policy, Mr. Hassan Ademov stressed that at this meeting, the parties discussed, for the first time, the most important problem concerning the provision of social services. He went to say that social services have the greatest potential for funding and that his Committee and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy are open for further discussions and regulations on the provision and granting of such services to those in need.
He underlined the commitment of the National Assembly to further develop the constructive and responsible dialogue with the civil society organizations.
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