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Amendments to the Judiciary Act Adopted at Second Reading
Today the National Assembly adopted the amending bill to the Judiciary Act at second reading.

The Parliament adopted the submitted by Stefan Danailov And Yavor Milushev MPs draft resolution on the making of the graphic and coloured images of the orders and medals of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Free Trade Agreement between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Albania, signed on 26 March 2003, was ratified by the MPs.

The Agreement between the People’s Republic of Bulgaria and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on Social Security, signed on 11.12.1959 in Sofia, was denounced today also.

The National Assembly granted permission a mechanized platoon of the Bulgarian Army to be sent to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Federal Republic of Germany for training and to be transported to the operation area of SFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the command of NATO.

The consideration at second reading of the amendments to the Spatial Development Act continued today.
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