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At its plenary sitting on 12 January 2007, the National Assembly adopted:

1. Resolution on filling vacancies in the Ad-Hoc Committee on Drafting Motions for Amendments of the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria.
2. Resolution on changing the composition of standing parliamentary delegations.
3. Texts of the Pharmaceuticals Serving Human Medicine Bill - at second reading.
4. Parliamentary control.

At the sitting, Ilko Dimitrov of National Movement Simeon II and Evgeni Ivanov of Coalition for Bulgaria took the oath as Members of Parliament replacing Meglena Kuneva and Alexander Arabadjiev, respectively.

Answering questions at question time (parliamentary control) were Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev, Environment and Water Minister Djevdet Chakurov, Labour and Social Policy Minister Emilia Maslarova, Health Minister Radoslav Gaidarski and Finance Minister Plamen Oresharski.
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